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  1. Skid RowYouth Gone WildSkid Row 1989
  2. RattYou Think You’re ToughRatt EP 1983
  3. CinderellaGypsy RoadLong Cold Winter 1988
  4. Faster PussycatCity Has No HeartFaster Pussycat 1987
  5. Quiet RiotSlick Black CadillacQuiet Riot II 1978
  6. SteelheartBlack Dog –  2011
  7. WarrantLife’s A SongRockaholic 2011
  8. Stephen Pearcy Interview Part I
  9. Stephen PearcyDon’t Want To Talk About ItSucker Punch 2011
  10. Stephen Pearcy Interview Part II
  11. RattLack Of CommunicationOut Of The Cellar 1984
  12. Mötley CrüeHome Sweet HomeTheater of Pain 1985
Stephen Pearcy