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  1. Twisted SisterI Wanna RockStay Hungry 1984
  2. Skid RowMonkey BusinessSlave To The Grind 1991
  3. JackylDirty Little MindJackyl 1992
  4. Steve StevensAtomic PlayboysAtomic Playboys 1989
  5. MegadethSkin O My TeethCountdown To Extinction 1992
  6. VixenStreets In ParadiseRev It Up 1990
  7. Mötley CrüeRed HotShout At The Devil 1983
  8. Under The Covers
  9. ExtremePlay With MeExtreme 1989
  10. PoisonEvery Rose Has Its ThornOpen Up and Say Aaah 1988