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The definitive Beastie Boys album of the second decade of the new millennium is getting deluxe banquet treatment for Record Store Day:

As of November 25, Beastie Boys’ Hot Sauce Committee Part Two Deluxe Version (Capitol) will be unleashed on independent record stores, including nothing less than Blu-Ray and DVD versions of the entire album and all accompanying remixes, all in both standard and 5.1 audio.

And as they (used to? still?) say in the late night infomercials: Wait! That’s not all! The Hot Sauce Committee Part Two Deluxe Version video content also includes all versions of both the time traveling epic FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT REVISITED–described by TIME as featuring “more stars than a Judd Apatow flick”–and the Spike Jonze directed thriller DON’T PLAY NO GAME THAT I CANT WIN–which moved ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY to exclaim “G.I. Joe can suck it-the Beasties make way better action figures in this hilarious Spike Jonze-helmed epic (A+)”

And there’s STILL MORE: All of the above comes packaged in a breathtaking hardcover 130+ page book containing exclusive behind the scenes photos of the making of FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT REVISITED.

Finally, a very limited number for Hot Sauce Committee Part Two Deluxe Versions will be available for pre-sale via starting November 7 – in a special package deal including an official Beastie Boys Stuyvesant Phys. Ed T-Shirt as rocked by Adrock back in the day and his various alter egos in FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT REVISITED.

If somehow you’ve slept on the record THE NEW YORK TIMES was kind enough to call “the Beasties’ most tolerable album in years,” now is the time to put things right…