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“I’ve retired more times than Frank Sinatra – but it never last for very long…”

Legendary Whitesnake singer David Coverdale is going to celebrate his 60th birthday on September 22nd. His latest studio record “Forevermore”, released on March 25th, shows experience, musical maturity and a personality that is far from jaded after an almost 40 year career. Also it is an evidence that Whitesnake’s career is far from finished, even if Coverdale evoked the end quite a few times in the last years: “I’ve retired more times than Frank Sinatra – but luckily I didn’t tell many people.” he laughs.” The music business can be so exhausting & destructive on a person, which makes you think sometimes, that you have to step back & take stock of your situation & circumstances”, Coverdale confessed.

Today David Coverdale is happy that he never threw totally stepped away. He recently wrote a song called “Best Years” that he says still perfectly fits describes his life with him turning 60 years old. He explains: “It’s great that I’m able to still work as a musician. And with it came consistency in my career and also in my private life. I really am experiencing the best times of my life these days, & believe me, I’ve seen a lot.”

“Forevermore” is Whitesnake’s eleventh album released on Frontiers Records. The band is still known as one of the most successful acts of all times with several platinum awards. Through his eloquent, always cultivated, British-charming personality David Coverdale is not only known as a rock patron, but a highly regarded gentlemen within the rock business. There are not many other musicians that deal with love and passion in their lyrics like he does. And also there are just a few acts that are able to highlight lyrics perfectly and successfully with thrilling blues and soul anthems like he does.

Before Coverdale, who’s originally from Saltburn-by-Sea area, founded Whitesnake, he was the lead vocalist for Deep Purple. When Coverdale celebrates his 60th birthday on September 22nd he’s able to look back at a musical career that is almost 40 years long. “I’m going to celebrate my birthday with my private family & my musical family”, he reveals, “I will party several times on several different continents. Even if it sounds a little un-rock & roll, I will use the day to reflect and be thankful for what I achieved in my life so far. I’m incredibly grateful to still be experiencing professional success & to be so physically active in what I do, after all these years.”