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RadioScreamer has searched the planet to bring you some of the best up-and-coming bands rock n’ roll has to offer. We have carefully assembled a variety of musical styles to present you with the perfect balance, ranging from melodic rock to headbanging anthems. It is our goal to give these artists all the respect, exposure and support they deserve. We hope you will visit their web sites and show ‘em all some love. Ladies and gentlemen we proudly present…
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  • Almost Human
    Do Or Die

    Damien Kelly (Vocals)
    Dave Kennedy (Lead Guitars/Vocals)
    Adam Keane (Rythm Guitars/Vocals)
    Luis Sanchez (Bass/Vocals)
    Chris Tucker (Drums/Vocals)

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  • Attika7
    Into The Blackness
    Jayrexx (Vocals)
    Rusty Coones (Guitar)
    Tony Campos (Bass)
    Daniel Mark (Drums)

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  • BrokenRail
    Boom (All In)
    Blake Clawson (Vocals/Guitar)
    Jacob Fine (Lead Guitar)
    John Clifton (Bass)
    Duron Hale (Drums)

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  • Grand Rezerva
    Mike (Vocals)
    Rasmus (Guitar)
    Johan (Guitar)
    Joacim (Bass)
    Thomas (Drums)

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  • Iron Claw
    What Love Left
    Gordon Brown (Vocals)
    Jimmy Ronnie (Guitar)
    Alex Wilson (Bass)
    Ian McDougall (Drums)

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  • Last Bullet
    Can’t Move On/Girl’s Gone Wild
    Brian Fontes (Vocals)
    Brenden Anthony (Lead Guitar)
    Michael Silva (Rhythm Guitar)
    Will Shannon (Bass)
    Leo D (Drums)

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  • Luva Gunk
    Andy McKinnon (Guitar/Vocals)
    Liam Gallagher (Lead Guitar)
    Sam Ramsden (Bass)
    Nikhil Johnson (Drums)

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  • Passion Lane
    No Promises
    Kim Karmitsa (Vocals)
    Antti Rantala (Guitar)
    Johan Strang (Bass)
    Niklas Pelli (Drums)

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  • Profania
    Lost Connection
    Jan Pinslund (Vocals/Guitar )
    Christer Borud (Lead Guitar)
    Kyle Sevenoaks (Bass/Backup Vocals)
    Espen Risø (Drums)

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    Leshem Petersen (Bass/Vocals)
    Sean Tait (Lead Guitar)
    Clinton Jurgens (Rhythm Guitar)
    Bryan Nicol (Drums)

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  • Use Instead
    Someone To Kill
    Simon Field (Vocals)
    Myke Haze (Lead Guitar)
    Maxx Sparx (Rhythm Guitar)
    Mizzy Diamon’ (Bass)
    Fern Rozi (Drums)

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    Bringing Home The Gun
    Marq Torien (Vocals/Guitars)
    Rob Lane (Bass)
    Ryche Green (Drums)
    Tory Stoffregen (Guitar)

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