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John 5

John William Lowery was born July 31, 1971 in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. He has played with Marilyn Manson, Loser, TWO, many more bands, and is currently playing with Rob Zombie and Meat Loaf. The name John 5 was given to him as he was the fifth replacement member to join Marilyn Manson, and also refers to a passage in the bible. He has two children. He was Marilyn Manson`s guitarist from July 1998 to March 30th, 2004. He replaced Zim Zum, while he has yet to be replaced. Was he kicked out? According the John 5`s offical website: "No, he wasn’t.

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RadioScreamer Show #211 02-18-15

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Ozzy Osbourne – Steal Away The Night – Blizzard Of Ozz 1980 L.A. Guns – Electric Gypsy – L.A. Guns 1988 AC/DC – You Shook Me All Night Long – Back In Black 1980 Bang Tango – Cactus Juice – Dancin’ On Coals 1991 Krokus – Midnite Maniac – The Blitz 1984 Kix – Blow… Read more »

Steven Adler’s Welcome To My Jungle #2

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Playlist John 5 – Welcome To The Jungle – The Devil Knows My Name 2007 Queen – Let Me Entertain You – Queen Live Killers 1979 Black Sabbath – Neon Knights – Heaven And Hell 1980 Stryper – Calling On You – To Hell With The Devil 1986 Survivor – I Can’t Hold Back –… Read more »

Steven Adler’s Welcome to My Jungle Show #1

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Playlist Guns N’ Roses – Welcome To The Jungle – Appetite For Destruction 1987 Molly Hatchet – Flirtin’ With Disaster – Flirtin’ With Disaster 1979 KISS – I Stole Your Love – KISS Alive II 1977 Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen Live Killers 1979 Ramones – I Wanna Be Sedated – Road… Read more »