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There are multiple artists with this name
1. A hard rock band from Hollywood, California
2. A Punk 77 band from London
3. An R&B artist from Brooklyn, New York
4. An R&B artist from Los Angeles, California
5. A pop singer from Chicago, Illinois 1. London is a glam metal/hard rock band, based in Hollywood, California. The band is perhaps most notable for featuring members that would go on to play in more famous bands such as Mötley Crüe, Guns N` Roses, W.A.S.P. and Cinderella.

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Ron Keel Streets of Rock & Roll #102 04-03-14

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Dokken – Sunset Superstar – Lightning Strrikes Again Ron Keel – Evil Wicked Mean & Nasty – Metal Cowboy Burning Rain – Stone Cold N Crazy – Pleasure To Burn Red Reign – Not That Way – single London – Ride You Through The Night – London Live London – Get Back Home – London… Read more »

RadioScreamer Show #123

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Playlist W.A.S.P. – I Wanna Be Somebody – W.A.S.P. 1984 Motley Crue – Smokin’ In The Boys Room – Theatre Of Pain 1985 London Interview Part 1 London –Drop the Bomb – TBA – 2013 London Interview Part 2 Cinderella – Shake Me – Night Songs 1986 London – Tu Cultura – TBA 2013 London… Read more »