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Mr. Big

1) British rock band from the 1970s. 2) Mr. Big combined two popular musical trends of the rock scene in the 1980s: a particular brand of hard rock, focused on melodies and listener-friendly choruses, and impressive technical proficiency, then called shredding. The seeds for the group were sown when bass player Billy Sheehan (considered one of the top bassists of rock, often thought to be the bass equivalent of guitarist Eddie Van Halen) left David Lee Roth`s solo band in 1988.

RadioScreamer Show #221 05-06-15

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The Scream – Outlaw – Let It Scream 1991 Motley Crue – Piece Of Your Action – Too Fast For Love 1981 Britny Fox – Hold On – Britny Fox 1988 Bon Jovi – I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead – Keep The Faith 1992 AC/DC – Rock ‘n’ Roll Damnation – Powerage 1978 Ratt –… Read more »

Streets of Rock & Roll #128 10-02-14

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AC/DC Rock & Roll Train Black Ice KEEL If Love Is A Crime KEEL Airbourne Live It Up Live It Up Damn Yankees Coming Of Age Damn Yankees Def Leppard When Love & Hate Collide Rock Of Ages Mr Big Gotta Love The Ride The Stories We Could Tell Zamptrip Backseat Love Song Demo Opal… Read more »

Streets of Rock & Roll #124 09-04-14

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1 Jimi Jamison Street Survivor Never Too Late 2 Queensryche Redemption Queensryche 3 Skid Row Youth Gone Wild Skid Row 4 Jimi Jamison Heaven Call Your Name Never Too Late 5 Great White Face The Day 30 Years – Live From The Sunset Strip 6 Mr. Big East West The Stories We Could Tell 7… Read more »

RadioScreamer Show #149

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Playlist Mr. Big – Addicted To That Rush – Mr. Big 1989 D’Molls – Down T Nothin – Warped 1990 Rush – Limelight – Moving Pictures 1981 David Lee Roth – Cheatin’ Heart Café – Your Filthy Little Mouth 1994 Roxx Gang – Scratch My Back – Things You’ve Never Done Before 1988 The Clash… Read more »

RadioScreamer Show #140

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Playlist Skid Row – Sweet Little Sister – Skid Row 1989 Joan Jett & The Blackhearts – Do You Wanna Touch Me – Bad Reputation 1980 Ratt – Lay It Down – Invasion Of Your Privacy 1985 Steve Stevens – Atomic Playboys – Atomic Playboys 1989 Black Crowes – Jealous Again – Shake Your Money… Read more »