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Rush is a progressive rock band which formed in Willowdale, Ontario, Canada in 1968. The band currently performs with the lineup of Geddy Lee (vocals, bass, keyboards), Alex Lifeson (guitar) and Neil Peart (drums). John Rutsey was the original drummer, later replaced by Neil Peart in 1974, shortly after the release of their first album, and three weeks before their first American tour. Neil Peart also became the band’s lyricist, and wrote the words for many of the band’s best known songs. As a group, Rush possesses 24 gold records and 14 platinum (3 multi-platinum) records.

RadioScreamer Show #214 03-11-15

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Metallica – Stone Cold Crazy – the B-side to Enter Sandman single 1991 Motley Crue – Helter Skelter – Shout At The Devil 1983 Girlschool – Tush – Hit And Run 1981 Britny Fox – Hair Of The Dog – Boys In Heat 1989 John Corabi – Wasted – Leppardmania: A Tribute To Def Leppard… Read more »

Streets of Rock & Roll #116 07-10-14

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1 Helix Bastard Of The Blues Bastard Of The Blues 2 Coney Hatch Blown Away 4 3 April Wine Roller First Glance 4 Loverboy Lovin’Every Minute Of It Lovin’ Every Minute Of It 5 Rush Headlong Flight Clockwork Angels 6 Helix Even Jesus Wan’t Loved In His Hometown Bastard Of The Blues 7 Headpins Turn… Read more »

RadioScreamer Show #183 07-02-14

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Soul Asylum – School’s Out – The Faculty Soundtrack 1998 Van Halen – Beautiful Girls – Van Halen II 1979 Bowling For Soup – Summer Of 69 – Let’s Do It For Johnny 2000 Autograph – Turn Up The Radio – Sign In Please 1984 Judas Priest – Heading Out To The Highway – Point… Read more »

RadioScreamer Show #149

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Playlist Mr. Big – Addicted To That Rush – Mr. Big 1989 D’Molls – Down T Nothin – Warped 1990 Rush – Limelight – Moving Pictures 1981 David Lee Roth – Cheatin’ Heart Café – Your Filthy Little Mouth 1994 Roxx Gang – Scratch My Back – Things You’ve Never Done Before 1988 The Clash… Read more »

Steven Adler’s Welcome To My Jungle #2

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Playlist John 5 – Welcome To The Jungle – The Devil Knows My Name 2007 Queen – Let Me Entertain You – Queen Live Killers 1979 Black Sabbath – Neon Knights – Heaven And Hell 1980 Stryper – Calling On You – To Hell With The Devil 1986 Survivor – I Can’t Hold Back –… Read more »