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Southgang was one of the countless pretty-boy hard rock bands to emerge from the late 80`s hair metal craze. The band played respectable hook-laden hard rock with a slight southern influence, but grunge was already grabbing a foothold and all but ending the careers of bands such as Southgang.
Formed in Rome, Georgia and originally going by the name Byte The Bullet, it wasn`t long before Jesse Harte (vocals), Butch Walker (guitar), Jayce Fincher (bass) and Mitch McLee headed to the bright lights of L.

RadioScreamer Show #176 05-14-14

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Krokus – Eat The Rich – Headhunter 1983 The Cult – Lil Devil – Electric 1987 Motley Crue – Come On And Dance – Too Fast For Love 1981 Girlschool – 1234 Rock N Roll – Play Dirty 1983/2005 re-issue Bonus Track Winger – Rat Race – Better Days Comin’ 2014 Van Halen – Why… Read more »

RadioScreamer Show #138

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Playlist Every Mother’s Nightmare – Long Haired Country Boy – Every Mother’s Nightmare 1990 Southgang – She’s Danger City – Tainted Angel 1991 The Babys – Head First – Head First 1979 The Babys Interview Part 1 The Babys – Midnight Rendezvous – Union Jacks 1980 The Babys Interview Part 2 The Babys – Not… Read more »

Radio Screamer Show #46 9/21/2011

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Playlist Vince Neil – You’re Invited (But Your Friend Can’t Come) – Exposed 1993 The Cult – Lil’ Devil – Electric 1987 Poison – Ride The Wind – Flesh And Blood 1990 Southgang – Boys Nite Out – Tainted Angel 1991 Stephen Pearcy – Don’t Want To Talk About – Sucker Punch Dio – The… Read more »