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Stephen Pearcy

Stephen is best known as the original lead singer of Ratt. Besides Ratt, he has also fronted several short-lived bands, including Arcade, Vicious Delite, and Vertex. He has released several solo albums, and also re-recorded the best of Ratt and Mickey Ratt under the name Rat Attack. That band name was used because he didn`t have the right to use the Ratt name. Stephen currently continues to work as a solo artist, with plans for a solo album in 2008.

RadioScreamer Show #84

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Playlist Def Leppard – Stagefright – Pyromania 1983 Lita Ford – Branded – Living Like A Runaway 2012 Poison – Play Dirty – Look What The Cat Dragged In 1986 Stephen Pearcy – Don’t Wanna Talk About It – Sucker Punch 2012 Scorpions – Can’t Live Without You – Blackout 1982 Tesla – Little Suzi… Read more »

Radio Screamer Show #46 9/21/2011

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Playlist Vince Neil – You’re Invited (But Your Friend Can’t Come) – Exposed 1993 The Cult – Lil’ Devil – Electric 1987 Poison – Ride The Wind – Flesh And Blood 1990 Southgang – Boys Nite Out – Tainted Angel 1991 Stephen Pearcy – Don’t Want To Talk About – Sucker Punch Dio – The… Read more »

Radio Screamer Show #34 6/15/2011

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Playlist Skid Row – Youth Gone Wild – Skid Row 1989 Ratt – You Think You’re Tough – Ratt EP 1983 Cinderella – Gypsy Road – Long Cold Winter 1988 Faster Pussycat – City Has No Heart – Faster Pussycat 1987 Quiet Riot – Slick Black Cadillac – Quiet Riot II 1978 Steelheart – Black… Read more »