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There are several artists called Triumph:
1) A Canadian rock band
2) A Scottish Christian rock band
3) A Brazilian black metal band
4) Italian eurobeat group
5) A Czech RAC band
6) A Danish band playing random music 1. Triumph is a rock band which formed in 1975 in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. The band was formed by Rik Emmett (vocals, guitar), Mike Levine (bass, keyboards) and Gil Moore (drums).

Streets of Rock & Roll #116 07-10-14

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1 Helix Bastard Of The Blues Bastard Of The Blues 2 Coney Hatch Blown Away 4 3 April Wine Roller First Glance 4 Loverboy Lovin’Every Minute Of It Lovin’ Every Minute Of It 5 Rush Headlong Flight Clockwork Angels 6 Helix Even Jesus Wan’t Loved In His Hometown Bastard Of The Blues 7 Headpins Turn… Read more »

RadioScreamer Show #146

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Playlist Ozzy Osbourne – Over The Mountain – Diary Of A Madman 1981 Pat Travers Band – Snortin’ Whiskey – Crash And Burn 1980 Guns N’ Roses – Mr. Brownstone – Appetite For Destruction 1987 Triumph – Lay It On The Line – Just A Game 1979 The Scream – Outlaw – Let It Scream… Read more »

RadioScreamer Show #106

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Playlist Mötley Crüe – Girls Girls Girls – Girls Girls Girls 1987 Cinderella – Somebody Save Me – Night Songs 1986 Pariah – Powerless – To Mock A Killingbird 1993 Ratt – I Want A Woman – Reach For The Sky 1988 Whitesnake – Slide It In – Slide It In 1984 Bang Tango – Do… Read more »