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Ugly Kid Joe

Ugly Kid Joe was a hard rock band from Isla Vista. The band`s name is a parody of the band Pretty Boy Floyd. The band made a name for themselves in the early 1990s with their mix of satire and hard rock/metal sound. They first sparked success with the song Everything about You, which was later used in the movie Wayne`s World. A live performance of Harry Chapin`s Cat`s in the Cradle prompted a studio version. This was released as a single and sold more than 500,000 copies in the USA alone.

RadioScreamer Show #153

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RadioScreamer Show #108

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Playlist Bon Jovi – Runaway – Bon Jovi 1984 Adler – Back From The Dead – Back From The Dead 2012 Faster Pussycat – Don’t Change That Song – Faster Pussycat 1987 Ugly Kid Joe – Everything About You – America’s Least Wanted 1992 AC/DC – Have A Drink On Me – Back In Black… Read more »

Radio Screamer Show #6 11/10/2010

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Playlist Danzig – Mother – Danzig 1988 Poison – Nothing But A Good Time – Open Up And Say Aaaah 1988 Faster Pussycat – House of Pain – Wake Me When It”s Over 1989 Slayer – Born To Be Wild – NASCAR: Crank It Up 2002 Guns N Roses – Hair Of The Dog –… Read more »