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  1. Mötley CrüeSame Ol’ SituationDr. Feelgood 1989
  2. Skid RowI Remember YouSkid Row 1989
  3. Faster PussycatDon’t Change That SongFaster Pussycat 1987
  4. Taime Downe Part 1
  5. Faster PussycatPoison IvyWake Me When It’s Over 1989
  6. Taime Downe Part 2
  7. Faster Pussycat – Number One With A BulletPower and the Glory Hole 2006
  8. Taime Downe Part 3
  9. Faster Pussycat – Hey YouPower and the Glory Hole 2006
  10. Taime Downe Part 4
  11. Faster Pussycat – CathouseFaster Pussycat 1987
  12. KISS – Lick It UpLick It Up 1983
  13. Van HalenYou Really Got MeVan Halen 1978
  14. TeslaBe A ManThe Great Radio Controversy 1989

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