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  1. Mötley CrüeKickstart My Heart Dr. Feelgood 1989
  2. Ozzy OsbourneI Don’t KnowBlizzard Of Ozz 1980
  3. Bang TangoSomeone Like YouPsycho Cafe 1989
  4. Van HalenSo This Is Love?Fair Warning 1981
  5. Bang TangoDo What You’re ToldPsycho Café 1989
  6. Guns N’ Roses – You’re CrazyAppetitie For Destruction 1987
  7. WarrantSex Ain’t LoveRockaholic 2011
  8. World Metal News Report
  9. RattYou’re In LoveInvasion of Your Privacy 1985
  10. Joe Leste’ Interview Part 1
  11. Bang TangoCactus JuiceDancin’ OnCoals 1991
  12. Joe Leste’ Interview Part 2
  13. MetallicaHolier Than ThouMetallica (The Black Album) 1991
  14. Skid RowWasted TimeSlave To The Grind 1991

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