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  1. Iron Maiden2 Minutes To MidnightPowerslave 1984
  2. BulletBoysTalk To Your DaughterFreakshow 1991
  3. SlaughterMad About YouStick It To Ya 1990
  4. Bang TangoSweet Little RazorPsycho Café 1989
  5. PoisonBack To The Rocking HorseOpen Up And Say…Ahh! 1988
  6. Def LeppardLet’s Get RockedAdrenalize 1992
  7. WASPIt’s a Long Way To The Top –  AC/DC – High Voltage 1976
  8. RattThe Morning AfterOut Of The Cellar 1984
  9. L.A. GunsOne More ReasonL.A. Guns 1988
  10. KixDon’t Close Your EyesBlow My Fuse 1988