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  1. Motley Crue – All In The Name Of…Girls Girls Girls 1987
  2. TeslaYesterdaze GoneThe Great Radio Controversy 1989
  3. The CultLil DevilElectric 1987
  4. Danger DangerNaughty NaughtyDanger Danger 1989
  5. Van HalenTattooA Different Kind Of Truth 2/7/12
  6. Judas PriestLiving After MidnightBritish Steel 1980
  7. WhitesnakeSlide It InSlide It In 1984
  8. Under The Covers Guns N’ Roses – Sympathy For The Devil
  9. PoisonWant Some Need SomeLook What The Cat Dragged In 1986
  10. Blind MelonNo RainBlind Melon 1992