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RadioScreamer has teamed up with You Rock Guitar for a chance to win the You Rock Guitar <Gen2> MIDI guitar. The YRG <Gen2> MIDI guitar for recording, composing, and creating Tablature via MIDI. It can also be used stand-alone with its internal sounds.

You Rock Guitar gen2

The YRG <Gen2> Features 

  • Incredibly fast and accurate pitch performance across all strings and frets (superior to MIDI pickups on traditional guitars)
  • Touch-sensitive patented fingerboard supports many playing styles, including tapping and sliding
  • Whammy bar for pitch bending
  • Modulation control
  • Open tunings
  • Transposition
  • Record your playing over the song and rhythm tracks

For more information about the You Rock Guitar <Gen2> click here.

To Enter the Contest Fill out the form below.  Contest Registration Ends 3/31/13, so register Now to Win!

Contest has ended. Winner will be announced on 4/3/13.